Carman Cruise

Cruise organizer Mike Shields reported......

that is was nice is see everyone who made it out for the Carman cruise. It wasn't as flashy as the cruise through towns; but it was nice to get out and drive. The weather didn’t look so great earlier in the day but it cleared off just in time, food was great and so was the ice-cream.
We also had one member of the Austin car club with us. They came in the 68 firebird (very nice restoration and nice people) didn’t know they where with us until we where leaving.
We got a bit of attention from on lookers, a few pictures where taken of our rides.
Well hope everyone enjoyed themselves and until next time!


Cypress River / Glenboro Cruise

The Red Trails CruiZers Car Club, a local group of car enthusiasts, took to Cypress River / Glenboro on Thursday, July 2nd for a night cruise as their way to show support for front-line, essential workers and shut ins.  Number of cars seem to increase with each cruize.  

The club was pleased with the support from both the Cypress River and Glenboro/South Cypress Fire Departments.‚Äč

It was a perfect evening during these lazy, hazy days of summer to enjoy a bit of nostalgia, spread some joy and prove that Manitoba are resilient during trying times.

Check out the photos...... Please note that to view all the photos you have to go to each page and roll separately.  Click on the first picture and then roll by pressing the arrows on the side. 




Memo from Mike
Good day, everyone!
With cancellation of the July 1 car show, it was suggested we do a series of cruises.
It was suggested that we organize day cruises on the second Saturday of each month and evening cruises during the week maybe a Thursday night.  All would be weather permitting.
                                                         August 8 – Farmery Brewery in Neepawa, If not open for tours continue on to Minnedosa and down number 10
                                                         September 12 – Looking for suggestions, possible Winkler/Morden area.
On week night cruises, we have organized to so far - every second Thursday starting June 11th.
On the June11th we organized a town of Holland – head to Treherne touring Treherne – ending at L & J Drive Inn
                    Again on July 2nd  we met at Holland Fair grounds and  headed to Cypress River and tour the town and then to Glenboro and tour town – ending at the Drive Inn
On Thursday, July 23, a few members of the club traveled to Carman - ending at the Drive Inn
                    Watch for the following tours:
Meet at Holland Fair grounds – Head to Swan Lake and tour town the town – head to Somerset and tour the town – ending at the Drive Inn
                     - Meet at Holland Fair grounds – Head to Mariapolis and tour the town – head to Baldur and tour the town – ending at the Drive Inn
                    - Meet at Holland Fair grounds – Head to Rathwell and tour the town – head to Notre Dame and tour town – ending ?
and any other suggestions, would be nice to have 6 or so
"When we are in each town, we can make our presents known and be sure to drive past any care homes,hospitals or senior residences.
These are only suggestions and welcome input.  If receive a positive responds we do further planning and make a tentative schedule.  We would like to have at least six and more involved.
Hope to hear from you soon"
Mike Shields (Cruise Organizer)





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