Memo from Mike
Good day, everyone!
With cancellation of the July 1 car show, it was suggested we do a series of cruises.
We were thinking that maybe we could do day cruises on the second Saturday of each month and evening cruises during the week maybe a Thursday night.  All would be weather permitting.
Suggestions for Saturday cruises – June 13 – Half Moon Drive In, Lockport
                                                         July 11 – Peace Gardens via Killarney
                                                         August 8 – Farmery Brewery in Neepawa, If not open for tours continue on to Minnedosa and down number 10
                                                         September 12 – Looking for suggestions, possible Winkler/Morden area.
Week night cruises, maybe we could pick every second Thursday starting June 18.
Suggestions – Meet at Holland Fair grounds – tour town of Holland – head to Treherne touring Treherne – ending at L & J Drive Inn
                    - Meet at Holland Fair grounds – Head to Cypress River and tour the town – Head on to Glenboro and tour town – ending at the Drive Inn
                    - Meet at Holland Fair grounds – Head to Swan Lake and tour town the town – head to Somerset and tour the town – ending at the Drive Inn
                     - Meet at Holland Fair grounds – Head to Mariapolis and tour the town – head to Baldur and tour the town – ending at the Drive Inn
                    - Meet at Holland Fair grounds – Head to Rathwell and tour the town – head to Notre Dame and tour town – ending ?
and any other suggestions, would be nice to have 6 or so
When we are in each town, we can make our presents known and be sure to drive past any care homes,hospitals or senior residences.
These are only suggestions and welcome input.  If receive a positive responds we do further planning and make a tentative schedule.  We would like to have at least six and more involved.
Hope to hear from you soon
Please note that these suggested dates have been recorded on our calendar and are subject to input.  
 Please remember to email Mike your intentions.



Welcome to the Red Trail CruiZers Car Club New Home Page!

We all have a beginning and an end.  There is something about old cars that captures people, and holds them firmly in their grip throughout life.  Their enthusiasm is dependent on spare time, spare cash, work, other interests, and other distractions.  

Throughout all of it, our club, the Red Trail CruiZers, exists for us to hook up, to share our mutual interests with others.  We were all shaped from the same seeds – people sharing a common love affair with all forms of vintage transport.  

As you read, you will read that our own club is reflected in its history. It is about people, sharing in their common love affair with old automobiles.

At some point in time, long before collecting cars was considered a ”hobby” and long before there were clubs, there were a few individuals, fascinated with things mechanical (and elderly) who saw the challenge of resurrecting long neglected pieces of our motoring heritage.  

A few individuals even began amassing hoards of cars, in an apparent attempt to save some of the many “orphans” representing car companies’ no longer in business. 

It all began with a little group of people coming together to partake in their love with early automobiles.  It has been our emphasis for a number of years and it still remains a hobby and the focus remains fun.  As we look to the future, we also look to the past and honor those who laid the foundation of our club.  We continually look to the future and eagerly await the next chapters in the life of the Red Trail Cruisers Car Club.


Take time to watch the happenings of the Red Trail CruiZers Car Club throughout the year!  In the handout link you will find our newly approved Consititution and the minutes from the last General Meeting. 


We are requesting members to email to pattihacault@gmail.com a photo or their "rides" to post on this site.


Please Note - the link "Club Rides" to the left is a ownership listing to the cars owned by club members.  Enjoy!



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